A multiplayer take on an arcade classic.


Easy to play

Activate your muscle memory

You already know the basics; grab the food, and watch out for your own tail. But with Play Portal, you’re not the only snake on the grid. Watch out for other players and get the hang of some intuitive new features while you aim for a high score!

Play Portal

Game features

Simple, familiar controls

You already know how to play. Just swipe on your phone to change directions, and keep your eyes on the big screen. Pick up food, keep getting longer, and go for a high score!

An intuitive update to a classic

Swipe in the direction you're going for a burst of speed. Time it carefully, and you can cut off the competition. Just watch out for the walls!


With one-time connection and instant respawning, this game is endlessly replayable. There’s no interruptions; nothing but your own tail in between you and that high score.

Leaderboard & scoring

Score points for eating the food, and rack up big bonuses by taking out other players as they crash into you. Keep one eye on the local leaderboard to see how you’re holding up!

Multiplayer projections

Everyone plays on the same big display, so dragging your friends into the action couldn’t be simpler. All they need is a smartphone and a cool head.

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