How it works

Connect through your Mobile Web Browser

Connecting to one of our games is as simple as heading to a Play Portal website on your phone (or joining a Play Portal local WiFi network). Your phone becomes your controller, and you can drop straight into the action!

Meanwhile, the game keeps running on the big screen; no pausing, no hassle, just drop-in-drop-out multiplayer fun.

How it works

3 Working Parts

1. Smart phones

Players use their smartphones to connect and control the games with a super-simple interface.

2. Play Portal

Play Portal runs the game and handles sharing, competitions and analytics, all on a local machine or from the cloud.

3. Display

A projector, a big screen, or anything in between—the gameplay takes centre stage.

How it works

Want a multiplayer game at your next event? Looking for a custom interactive experience? Drop us a line!

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