Phone‑controlled multiplayer games for public spaces.

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Play Portal is a gateway to a number of multiplayer games and experiences designed for large-scale public installations. With simple smartphone controls and large-scale display, Play Portal is perfect for one-off events or long term public installations.

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All our games are powered by Share Portal

Social Sharing

Players can share screen grabs, video and gifs from their sessions to social media.


Whether it’s based on high score or totally at random, give away prizes to your best players.


Track the number of players, length of play sessions, high scores, and more; all in real time.

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How it works

Connecting to one of our games is as simple as heading to a Play Portal website on your phone (or joining a Play Portal local WiFi network). Your phone becomes your controller, and you can drop straight into the action!

Meanwhile, the game keeps running on the big screen; no pausing, no hassle, just drop-in-drop-out multiplayer fun.

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How it works

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